Latisse is Bimatoprost .03 % which is now being studied as hair loss cure. Latisse and Lumigan are name brand bimatoprost. Careprost is generic version of Latisse or generic version of Lumigan. Bimatoprost as a Hair growth treatment is becoming popular with many excelent results.

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Careprost generic version of Latisse / Lumigan
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Evolution of Latisse to treat hair loss

An exciting new treatment for hair loss is currently being studied in clinical trials. The drug is bimatoprost, better known as Latisse or Lumigan. Bimatoprost is currently FDA approved for the treatment of Glaucoma, as well as for growing thicker, stronger eyelashes. Allergan first marketed bimatoprost .03% eye drops to treat glaucoma. Lumigan has had tremendous success in this application. Surpisingly, after extended use of Lumigan, patients began noticing increased growth of hair around the eye, specifically eyelashes. These results were promising for Allergan as this use for the drug could be very lucrative for women seeking to grow thicker and stronger eyelashes. Studies were concluded and FDA approved bimatoprost .03% drops as a treatment for eyelashes. The product was rebranded and sold as LATISSE.

Bimatoprost for hair growth in men?

Immediately following the approval of Latisse, a logical conclusion was postulated. If bimatoprost Latisse Lumigan could grow thicker longer hairs on the eyelash, why not on the scalps of men sufering from Alopecia, or genetic baldness? Allergan would more than love to jump into the very lucrative market of baldness cures. Bimatoprost or Latisse as a baldness treatment was an especially promising idea since it is a topically applied medication as opposed to ingested medication with all its problematic side effects.

Latisse baldness treatment

Allergan has studies underway presently for bimatoprost as a baldness cure. In November 2015, Allergan released some informational results of their studies to treat hair loss with bimatoprost. The positive results show that Bimatoprost treatment on the scalp yield slightly better results than Minoxidil 5%. This find was based on an "expert panel review."

Bimatoprost Minoxidil Combination Hair Growth Treatments

Fortunately for men suffering from hair loss, it is not necessary to wait for a new, previously non existent drug to be approved before they begin using it. Bimatoprost is widely available and can be purchased in brand name form (Lumigan) or generic form (Careprost). Since it is still not clear exactly how bimatoprost works to treat hair loss, baldness or to grow new hair on the scalp of men suffering from Alopecia, nor how exactly it differs from minoxidil, many hair loss sufferers are experimenting with the combination. Here is an interesting discussion on the topic at hairlosstalk.


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