Hair4U maximum strength 10% Minoxidil with Aminexil is now available for topical treatment of hair loss.

Buy Hair4u Minoxidil Amenixil Combination
Hair4U 60ml Bottle
Manufactured by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

1 Bottle $30
2 Bottles $55
3 Bottles $75
6 Bottles $139

Hair4U ® Minoxdil 10% + Aminexil

What is Hair4U?

Hair 4U Topical Solution 10% (Minoxidil 10%, Aminexil 1.5%) is used to treat and prevent hair loss primarily caused by androgenic alopecia. Hair 4U 10% works by eradicating scalp damage and re-invigorating hair follicles. Hair4U 10% can also block the formation of DHT and fights against negative bacteria.

The active ingredients are Minoxidil and Aminexil. Minoxidil 10% is the highest concentration recommended for the scalp is an FDA approved topical medication proven to halt hair loss and regrow hair on the crown of the head. Aminexil (Diaminopyrimidine Oxide) was developed by L'Oreal Laboratories in France. While not yet approved to treat hair loss in the US, probably due US drugmakers of DHT blocking products fearing the competition, Amenixil works in the scalp by preventing the follicles from prematurely hardening as they often do in men suffering from Alopecia. This happens as a result of Aminexil acting to disable collagen from building up next to the follicle shafts. Aminexil works to regrow hair by gradually restoring its natural thickness.

Hair4U Dosage:

Begin by applying a small amount of Hair4U directly on the balding area of the scalp. Apply Hair4U twice daily for a at least 3 months.

Follow instructions on the Hair4U packaging carefully. Secure the Hair4U bottle upright and squeeze until the top chamber of the dropper is filled up. Apply liquid from the dropper onto the center of the affected scalp area and spread it out evenly over the effected area with your fingertips.

Consul with your doctor if any itching, flaking, rash, allergic reaction or other skin abnormality should appear..



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