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PROSCAR Developed To Eliminate DHT 
Proscar was developed to block the enzyme 5 alpha reductase in men which was discovered to cause BPH or prostate enlargement in men. It was soon discovered by men in clinical trials that Proscar was also slowing down hair loss and even regrowing hair on the top of the head. FDA studies were completed and Merck introduced Propecia to treat hair loss. Propecia is the exact same medication (finasteride) made by same manufacturer only in a 5 mg does as opposed to a 1 mg dose which is Propecia.

It did not take long for cost conscience consumers to discover that they could purchase Proscar and split the tablets into 4ths or 5ths and take a piece daily to achieve an approximate 1 mg dail dose to treat hair loss. Of course, by cutting the Proscar tablets, the consumer saves nearly 60% over the cost of Propecia.

We recommend using a pill cutter to easily split Proscar tablets into 4ths which guarantees at least a 1 mg daily dose.

Proscar is a MEN ONLY treatment for hair loss, women are strongly advised not to take or come in to contact with Proscar. Proscar may cause abnormalities of the baby's sex organs, a condition known as hypospasdias. Women and children should not come in contact with Propecia.

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